Whether you’re a senior executive targeting your next leadership position …

… or a brand-new graduate trying to land your very first “professional job” …

… no one is immune to the anxiety, uncertainty, and down-right jitters that come along with a new job search.

There’s something about the thought of sitting in front of people you don’t know and trying to convince them of how awesome you are that just makes people nervous.​

For 20 years, almost every single client I have ​worked with has had the exact same reaction!

​So, you’re not alone. Far from it.

Interview anxiety stems from the fear of being judged negatively.

And the pressure most job seekers put on themselves to perform well—

—that is, to know the right things to say, to use appropriate body language, to dress correctly, to truly know the job requirements, to impress the interviewer … to win the next interview

… that pressure is overwhelming.

The remedy? Confidence …

… confidence in your abilities, skillsets, prior accomplishments, the value you bring to the company, your true worth, AND your ability to communicate these effectively.

Confidence is rarely an inherent trait. 

It is cultivated.

And this is where your coaching comes in. 

​There are several key areas of uncertainty that I have consistently encountered in nearly all of my clients, and my coaching is structured around these primary issues.

Below are descriptions of a few of my structured coaching sessions. But I also offer unstructured sessions that address various aspects of career and life planning, goal setting, and personal achievement.​

Basic Interview Coaching:

Personal, one-on-one consultation to prepare for the interview.  Includes basic interview preparation as well as advanced personal marketing techniques.  Considers the psychology behind the interview and the interviewer, using strategic statements, questions, and sales tactics to increase chances at securing an invitation for next interview as well as a high position in the interviewer’s mind.

Advanced Interview Coaching:

Addresses interview anxiety and employes strategies from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) todevelop confidence in your ability to interview successfully. In these sessions, we will practice communication of your “personal brand,” while also identifying strategies to subtly steer the interview in a positive direction.

Strategic Marketing & Job Search Coaching:

A step-by-step plan for both defining potential target positions and companies and creating high-impact marketing campaigns.  Will focus on branding, creating your “elevator speech,” gatekeeper tactics, the “hidden job market,” reaching decision makers, gaining introductory meetings, and converting meetings into interviews. building strengths in guiding the interview

Additional Services: Personality Inventories, Career Direction Inventories, Career Transition Resources, College and Graduate Degree Planning, Spiritual Gifts Inventories, Social Media Development, and Networking Tools​


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