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In ONLY 10 seconds, a hiring manager will glance at your résumé and decide whether to call you for an interview or …


Will YOUR résumé pass the 10-second test?

You may be the best candidate for the job, but if your résumé doesn’t rapidly generate interest and win an interview, you’ll never get your chance to prove it.

And no interview means no new job.

At CareerExceleration, we use persuasive (copywriting-based) strategies and techniques that successfully pass all phases of a hiring managers review:

1) We grab attention. It is vital that the hiring manager see immediate clues that you possess the skillsets and work history that align with their specific needs. Upon seeing this evidence, the hiring manager will continue reading your résumé, moving from a quick “review” to an evaluation with higher consideration for an interview.

2) We create curiosity. Using formatting elements to engage your reader and make them want to know more, we carry them through a carefully crafted path of discovery. We use headlines, keywords, and eye-catching phrases that literally register on a neurological basis with “instant recognition” of your skillsets. This creates a perception of likeness and connectivity that you will fit with their team and allows them to screen you “in” for an interview.

3) We provide proof. We ensure that your résumé includes metric and accomplishment-driven “proofs” of contributions you have made in prior positions that instill credibility and trust in your ability to perform for your next employer. As decisions are initially made emotionally (addressed above by building curiosity), the final decision to act is typically based on logic. By including actual contributions, we satisfy your readers’ need to logically justify pursuing you as a top-tier candidate for their opening.

(And just so you know … these justifications on your résumé paired with our strategic interview coaching will ALSO help build a case for a higher starting salary offer)!

Our résumés will:

  • Instantly capture the interest of hiring managers.
  • Leverage your accomplishments and key achievements to PROVE your ability and “SELL” you as a top-choice candidate.
  • Highlight industry-specific buzz words to pass the preliminary screenings.
  • Be completely free of spelling and typographical errors.
  • Convey the depth of your experience while leaving the hiring manager curious to know more.

Our services include:

  • Certified Résumé Writing, LinkedIn Profiles, Executive Biographies, Cover Letters & More
  • Job Search & Interview Coaching
  • Career Transition Planning
  • Strategic Intervention & Life Coaching
  • Coaching in Social Media & Internet Marketing​​
  • Personality Inventories

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