Whether you’re a professional copywriter and content specialist, a student writing a dissertation or an essay, or the next brilliant best-selling author, you probably hate proofreading and editing.

And don’t feel bad about it!

Creating is the fun part. Editing … mmm, not so much.

… Unless that’s just what you do. (And if it is, email me! We might have some work for you)! But if it isn’t …

Well, good news. That’s just what WE do! And we’d like to do that for YOU!

Whatever your project is, we have expert proofreaders on call who will not only correct your grammatical and spelling errors, but will also elevate your writing to the next level in terms of tone, voice, and overall impact—all in an appropriate style for your particular audience.

What’s more, we are affordable!

Although you would probably be willing to sell your spleen on the black market to sound like Maya Angelou, you don’t have to! How awesome is that??!

So you may be wondering, what kind of projects can you do and for what type of clients?

That is simple. If it requires writing in the English language, we can help you. (Need a different language? Well, we’ll work on that. Sorry. High school should have prepared us better)!

But if you speak a different language and your English is just, let’s say … rusty, no worries! We can totally take your intention and turn it into professional, born-in-America sounding prose!

Regarding types of projects, we can proof and edit anything from marketing copy, direct-mail letters, blog postings, résumés, cover letters, biographies, and web and social media content to academic documents, including student essays, admission essays, masters and Ph.D. theses, research papers, white papers, and technical B2B materials.

And depending on the size and scope of the project or campaign, we offer a pretty rapid turnaround!


Well, as much as we’d like to give you an instant amount, it really depends on the project. (Did you see that list above?! That’s a lot of stuff!!)

But here’s something for free: we can offer you a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and estimate on your specific project and you will NEVER be pressured into a decision by us. If we can help you and you like us, great. If not, you have our blessing to continue price (and quality) shopping around.

So with that, there’s nothing really to lose.

And you stand to gain:

Expertly-written documents that are free of typographical errors, are tailored to your specific needs and requirements, are in the tone of your own voice and choosing, and are 100% confidential for a great price and a rapid turnaround.

And our goal is to make you love us so much, that you’ll keep sending your materials to us—just because we “get you.”

What do you say? Ready to get started?

Simply contact us with a description of your project and your timeline for completion.

We will get back to you ASAP to discuss the project in detail so that we can create and send you a fully customized quote.

In the meantime, happy writing!