There are so many reasons why you should use a professional copywriter versus cutting corners with “DIY” marketing. Time management (outsourcing so that you can more properly allocate time and internal resources to other projects) is a big one. But here are two main reasons: return on investment and expertise.


If you are like almost every single other school, you are in a constant fight for funding—that is, to reduce expenses while still retaining enough in the budget to cover the programs, faculty, and campus “niceties”  that attract (AND KEEP) your ideal students.

Every – Single – Dollar you spend  absolutely MUST:

  • Hit the bull’s eye for your target market AND
  • Generate the best ROI.

There is simply too much at stake to take chances with ineffective content.

The solution: You need targeted copy that actually fits within a multi-channel marketing strategy and delivers consistent results.

This means that you must:

A) Know—and I mean really know—your target market … each segment, each category.

Here’s why.

The wants, desires, fears, goals, and dreams of your market are the keys to attracting and winning their enrollment. But those qualities differ greatly based on many factors, from student classification and socio-economic status to academic/career goals, age, ethnicity, familial ideology, time since high school graduation, and so much more.

Your approach needs to consider each of these details in order to “reach them where they are” and deliver messaging that makes them actually stop, listen, consider, and act.

Technology has changed everything. Potential students (your market) now have total power over their exposure to your marketing message, which means that they can trash your direct mail, delete your email, swipe “next” on your posts, or simply just ignore you.

B) Get noticed.

Right now, YOU ARE the needle in  the haystack … and they are probably not looking for you!

And most likely, they will not find you unless you …

Make yourself findable!

Your marketing materials and media simply MUST stand out amidst all of the constant “noise” that bombards your market every single day … all day long. This means using everything in your toolbox to capture your market’s attention, communicate a branded message that actually resonates with them, and develop a “relationship” whereby they trust you and give you permission to enter their world.


Many people can “write.” That is  absolutely true.

But few people can write persuasively: captivating, emotionally riveting,  make-you-vow-in-your-inner-most-being  marketing copy.

And if anything is certain, it’s this:

The individuals that make up your market will do absolutely NOTHING until they are compelled to do so by coming face-to-face with their deepest wants and the reality that they will never have them … until they do something.

To reach your market (whether that be potential students OR individual/corporate donors) at this deep of a level, you must have a multi-faceted writer with a cross-disciplinary skill set that encompasses not only a talent for writing but also:

  • An understanding of core human emotions (those wants, desires, fears, goals, and dreams I mentioned above)
  • A talent for translating those emotions into a message that will seize your market’s attention, resonate deeply, and carry them effortlessly to a specific conclusion—that is, to visit your website, send for an information packet, tour your campus, order your training program, enroll as a student, or donate.

… AND …

  • The ability (or flexibility) to format that consistently-branded message across numerous platforms, including direct mail, print (press releases, brochures), websites, social media, email, and e-commerce platforms.

Most importantly:

 I know your market.

I have been serving your market for nearly twenty years. I know their behaviors, wants, fears, hopes, and dreams. I’ve seen them succeed and I’ve seen them fail.

I’ve spent years (yes, literally … YEARS)

working with them over the course of their careers, helping them develop their life strategies  where work is concerned. I’ve seen first-hand the power of education and training (and the tragedy of the lack of both).

At the most basic level … I know how to reach them.

AND … I am a fervent believer in education.


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So you can rest assured:

When I work on a project for you, I believe in you and know your programs have the ability to change lives.

Now for a few of the technical details …

I am an AWAI-trained B2B and B2C copywriter.

I have been taught by some of the greatest and most successful writers in the copywriting industry—multi-million-dollar campaign writers who have graciously (and laboriously) shared their secret strategies and know-how with their students.

I am a certified résumé writer.

Also, a former recruiter and staffing consultant. I have “ghostwritten” more professional documents for clients and candidates than I could even begin to count, including confidential career materials for very high-level multi-national marketing executives.

I have a deep understanding of motivational and behavioral psychology.

As an on-going disciple and student of Robbins-Madanes life coaching (pursuing certification as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach), I understand both human needs psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.

Accessing the intersection where emotional needs, mental programming, and persuasive marketing meet, I write copy that drives results.

The bottom line …

Honestly (and we all know it), at the lowest level,

it all boils down to money: keeping the doors open,

keeping the budget in check, and driving the best

return on your investment so that you can continue to serve your market.

And at the highest level, it’s life … the lives of your students, their families, their children, the success of the companies they work for and, ultimately, the society and communities in which they live.

It is serving.

And as one who has witnessed time and time again, the pain on the faces of those candidates who struggle to make ends meet, who are rejected over and over again for positions they desperately need because they “just aren’t qualified” …

Or the PURE JOY of candidates who land their dream job with their dream salary with a company that will literally change the course of their lives because they have the education and training to warrant it …


Email me for more information.


Submit your current project objectives for a FREE, no-obligation Critique

Or Call 405-213-1200

It’s worth it.


Email me for more information.


Submit your current project objectives for a FREE, no-obligation Critique

Or Call 405-213-1200